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This organizationand site is desigend for pool and spa operators and owners in the state of Minensota, the purpose is to bring together pool and spa operators and/or owners, pool professionals and regulators.  We are a source for education and problem solving, providing current information on pool and spa issues, health and safety.    We also operate a question and answer forum. 
I'm John.  I've been in the pool and spa and water treatment business for over 35 years.  I know pools and water inside and out.  I've come across just about every concieveable situation/ problem.  I know the answers (and I'm still young enough to remember them!) 

I'm frustrated.  There is such a  lack of information out there- or misinformation.  Laws and regulatons change.  Pool and spa owmers aren't sure what they are supposed to do.  What is "recommended"?  What is "required"? What if I don't have the fund to comply with the law?  Does this apply to my pool/ spa?

A few years back there was the drain cover legislation.    Today it's the ADA (American Diasabilities Act) handicap access concern.    I've seen laws/ regualtions put into effect, then changed.  Often costing the pool/ spa operator money, sometimes lots of money.    I can honestly say that I have gotten thousands of phone calls from pool owners/ operators asking about issues such as these.

Our goal is to provide you with information and resources you need to legally and safely operate your pool.  Information regarding legal issues such as drain covers and handciap access.   Information regarding proper and safe operation of your pool or spa and water chemistry.  Information about any and everything related to swimming pools and spas, as well as links to federals and state laws.

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John Szymanski
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This site is for any of the following places that have pools or spas
  • Apartments

  • Campgrounds

  • Condo

  • Day care

  • Health Clubs

  • Home Owners Associations

  • Motels and hotels

  • Municipalities

  • Resorts

  • Schools

  • Therapy centers

  • Water parks

  • Back yard private pools

Links to useful/ essential information:

Information Page

Contact Lists: Health Department, CDC, and more
VGB Drain Cover information
ADA Handicap access information
Water chemistry
Pool Equipment
Pool Safety
New laws
New product reviews
Helath Department updates
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Under CPO site:
    Calculating pool volume
    Chemcial balance
    Chemcial additions

Other pages within this site:
Articles on Pool and Spa Operation
Question and Answer Page (feel free to submit questions to us anytime, browse this page first to see if it has already been covered).
Resources (this would be all your pool related sites)
Links to all kinds of government regualtions regarding Handicap Access, tax credits, and more
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As of now, membership to this organization is FREE.   Individuals, organizations, or comapnies may join.  Why free?  Bascially, we've been answering questions and doing this kind of thing for decades for free.  We're finally getting around to putting it in an internet format.   We find that if we provide pool and spa operators with the information they need, often they will patronize our companies and become valued customers.   We take care of them, they take care of us.   

This site is open to any and all.  You don't have to be a member to visit here or view the information.  The advantage of joining is that once in a while there may be things that come up that may be of interest or importance to you.  Then we'll send you an email.  Trust us, We're not going to spam you with tons of daily or weekly emails.

We also expect that we will offer disounts of my products and services to members.  We ARE in the business of selling.  But first and most important is the proper and safe operation and maintenance of your pool.  There are lots of tricks we've learned, and products we've come across that can make that job easier and better.   And we'll share that with you.

So, join us.  To join, simply fill out the info below.  We'll let you know we got your information.
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